Compact machine configuration configured All-in-One with precision mechanics on turcite-coated guides.

Structure of the bench and column in cast iron, worktop and components of the tank in stainless steel.

Tap with folding tube on the machine head for cleaning the work surface.

Generator with discharge management completely managed by transistorized electronics with the use of Mosfets which give excellent workability on all types of material, particularly suitable for drilling on hard metal (Widia).

25 Ampere generator with all electrical / electronic parts enclosed in a cabinet with doors that can be opened and sealed with gaskets.

Control panel with simple and direct setting of the erosion parameters by means of selectors.

Amperage selection in 10 levels.

Selection of capacitors in 10 steps..

Selection of the T-on in 20 steps.

Selection of the T-off in 20 steps.

Selection of the voltage gap by means of a graduated selector.

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Electro-welded support base with opening doors sealed with gaskets,containing all the electrical and pneumatic components of the machine.

Dielectric liquid pump by means of a piston air chamber, with adjustment of the operating pressure.

The generator functions are sectioned into separate shielded modules and numerous LEDs indicate the status of the fuses to protect the module functions.

Thanks to its separate electronics it guarantees reliability with a very low failure rate verified over time.

Selection of the voltage gap by means of a graduated selector.

Thanks to its advanced and sophisticated electronics, the pulse generator is able to drill on all types of materials, such as: Aluminum and its alloys - Alloy steels - Copper - Brass - Pure Tungsten and in particular Tungsten Carbide (Widia) .

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Drilling capacity from 0.2 to 3.0 mm. (Option up to 6.0 mm.).

Display of the dimensions on the three axes with depth adjustment, zeroing on the piece, centering on the sides, division of the circumference by drilling in a circle.

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Stainless steel filter tank. (Option)

Complete with removable decanting compartment and cartridge filter. Liquid capacity of 35 liters.

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Table of Specification

Item Metric
X、Y Axis travel distance 350 x 250 mm
Additional Z Axsis 200 mm
Z Axis travel distance 345 mm
Max. Electrode Lenght 400 mm
Guide Travel 150 mm
Max. Workpiece Size 800 x 450 x 300 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 450 Kg
Work Tank Dimensions (W x D) 850 x 500 mm
Electrode Size Ø 0.2 – Ø 3.0 mm
Increased Drilling
Ø 3.1 - Ø 6.0 mm
Machining Dielectric Distilled Water
Machine Weight 900 kg
Machine Dimensions 1020 x 1545 x 2070 mm


Item Metric
X、Y Axis travel distance 550 x 350 mm
U、V Axis travel distance 120 x 120 mm
Z Axis travel distance 300 mm
Max. Workpiece Size 880 x 730 x 300 mm
Max. Workpiece Weight 550 Kg
Work Tank Dimensions (W x D x H) 920 x 770 x 335 mm
Wire Dimeter 0.1 – 0.3 mm
Max. Wire Spool Weight 10 Kg
Max. Cutting Taper ±30° / 120 mm
Best Surface Finish < Ra 0.3 um
Machine Dimensions 2900 x 2400 x 2150 mm